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#1 Leadership Skill

#1 skill for business leaders most essential for succeeding in the New Economy is the ability to develop and implement business strategy.
(source USA Today)

Top 3 CEO Skills

Top three most important competencies for a CEO to possess are Strategy, Human Resource Management, and Marketing.
(source: Accenture)

Strategy Services

Identifying, creating, and implementing Strategy is one of the most important skills needed by a CEO or business owner, yet is likely the most difficult skill to acquire. We work with CEO's and business owners to build their organizations by developing strategic plans, and then helping to implement those plans by creating actionable steps for executing Strategy. Then, we act as project managers to help our clients in the implementation phase. Effective strategies are crucial to healthy growth and the future of an organization; however, the leadership must implement them. Strategy focuses an organization on top-line growth, and therefore developing marketing strategies to and gathering the necessary business intelligence (internal strategic assessments and customer/clients surveys) are critical components.