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Leadership Recruiting

Hiring the right leaders with a unique combination of skills, leadership style, character and values is a challenging and daunting task. Acquiring these individuals to lead an organization is essential to organizational success. We operate as a retained consultant to help identify the ideal capabilities necessary for your future executives. We then qualify individuals for excellence, character, values and skill set in order to establish the core leadership with the best people for building the organization.

We attribute our record of success to the diligent application of our proven process for identifying, screening, evaluating, and recruiting high quality candidates. We present a "superior match" for our client’s open position by providing both qualitative analysis and quantitative evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications. Because filling a position is not just a hiring transaction, we establish solid candidate relationships – a vital component in the recruiting process.

Walton Leadership Recruiting Service

For small to mid-market organizations hiring leaders ($75k+ compensation)