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#1 Leadership Skill

#1 skill for business leaders most essential for succeeding in the New Economy is the ability to develop and implement business strategy.
(source USA Today)

Top 3 CEO Skills

Top three most important competencies for a CEO to possess are Strategy, Human Resource Management, and Marketing.
(source: Accenture)

Leadership Development

We believe developing leaders requires proactive behavior change through services such as executive coaching, management training, and personal development plans. A Harvard Business Review blog titled “Why Good Managers Are So Rare” sites a very telling Gallup Study about leadership.

  • Companies fail to choose the right candidate with the right management talent 82% of the time.
  • Bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each year.
  • The greatest managers have the following five talents:
  1. They motivate every single employee to take action…
  2. They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes…
  3. They create a culture of clear accountability
  4. They build relationships that create trust and open dialogue…
  5. They make decisions based on productivity, not politics…