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Gallup: 70% of U.S. workers are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" at work.
That is an estimated $450 to $550 Billion loss of productivity

What is your share of that lost productivity pie?

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Culture Training

Is your organization’s culture vulnerable to outside forces? We are in a time where employee engagement is more critical than ever, where the economic, political and new work force environment challenges are pressing in and creating workforce instabilities. A healthy corporate culture can be the difference between success and failure. It is extremely important to understand that corporate culture can be managed and it can be changed, but not until management learns how to properly engage employees.

Changing culture through learned and reinforced behaviors requires skilled and expert management training. Walton Consulting’s management training program unifies leadership around a common goal of engaging employees and cultivating an environment where employees truly feel like they are greatest asset. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a learned behavior and is a necessary ingredient for your managers to drive employee engagement.

Employee Engagement 101 Training Outline:

  • What is Culture?
  • The Importance of Culture
  • The Effects of Culture
  • Culture Research: Fact or Fiction
  • Leading a Culture of Change
  • Linking Employee Recognition to Behavior Change
  • Creating a Culture Change Process