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Gallup: 70% of U.S. workers are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" at work.
That is an estimated $450 to $550 Billion loss of productivity

What is your share of that lost productivity pie?

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Culture CompassⓇ

The Culture CompassⓇ is a coaching service that assists clients to:

  • Understand the good and bad of their current corporate culture.
  • Identify cultural changes that will help make a company a more attractive and productive place to work.
  • Develop action plans for creating a healthier corporate culture.

How is this accomplished:

  • We interview our client and design an employee culture survey.
  • We administer the survey online.
  • We capture the data and analyze the findings.
  • We review the findings with our client and share the results with the employees.
  • We assist in helping to establish culture initiatives to be implemented.


  • A 50-page comprehensive culture assessment report.
  • Drill-down survey scores by employee groups and other defined demographic groups.
  • Culture initiatives owned by employee teams.
  • A culture care process to manage a company’s culture annually.

Client Rewards:

  • A research study of 102 firms conducted by Denison Consulting revealed companies with higher culture scores having greater sales growth than those with lower culture scores: 15.1% vs .1%.
  • Higher employee retention rates and higher job satisfaction.
  • Higher employee engagement and productivity.
  • A better work environment for everyone.

The Culture CompassⓇ In-Depth Look