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Mission & Ethics


Walton Consulting is driven by a passion to serve, encourage and advise CEO’s and business owners to grow their companies through the implementation of wise strategy.

The fulfillment of this mission will:

  • Enable clients to build and grow their company in a healthy manner;
  • Remember and honor the “spirit of the people” first;
  • Enhance an organization’s desired performance;
  • Promote leadership based on Biblical principles.


The ethics that guide Walton Consulting are as follows:

  • We are committed to acting in an ethical manner with both clients and candidates characterized by truthfulness and a high level of integrity;
  • We seek to serve clients who share our concern for integrity and demonstrate it by their good business practices, fair treatment of employees, and the superior quality of their products or services;
  • Our work is done at senior management levels, and as a result, our clients trust us to share future plans, problems that need correction, and planned changes in key personnel;
  • Information obtained from clients, candidates, and candidate references is viewed as sensitive material, requiring discretion and confidentiality in its handling.