#1 Leadership Skill

#1 skill for business leaders most essential for succeeding in the New Economy is the ability to develop and implement business strategy.
(source USA Today)

Top 3 CEO Skills

Top three most important competencies for a CEO to possess are Strategy, Human Resource Management, and Marketing.
(source: Accenture)

"In today's radically changed business climate, corporate culture has become the critical difference between failure and long-term success."
(source: James M. Coblin, Vice President, Nucor Corp.)

Walton Consulting

Walton Consulting, Inc. is a Management Consulting firm founded in 2001, providing CEO Coaching to small and mid-market organizations nationally. Walton’s success is derived from delivering highly customized and relational coaching and consulting services. Our goal is to help CEO’s and business owners implement growth oriented strategies to build healthy organizations.

Walton believes that to build a healthy and sustainable organization, the CEO needs to have the right game plan, the right corporate culture, and the right leadership. Walton is that trusted adviser to CEO’s in these three essential areas of Strategy, Culture and Leadership.

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